Refund Policy

1. Refunded amounts are generally returned within 7 business days however, the length of time required for the funds to be credited to your account is determined by your financial institution. Please check with your financial institution on their specific rules regarding returned or refunded transactions.

2. GBR Clinic & Fertility Centre Pvt. Ltd., has no obligation to issue refunds if you cannot provide us with full and accurate information required to complete the refund or credit; or the refund request has already been processed through our payment gateway but has not yet applied to the originating source of the payment; or the refund request directs GBR Clinic & Fertility Centre Pvt. Ltd., to issue the refund to a different financial institution than the source where the original payment was received; or GBR Clinic & Fertility Centre Pvt. Ltd., did not receive the payment for which the refund request is made due to force majeure or other causes beyond our direct control.

3. Refunds requiring special handling may result in a delayed return of the funds.

4. In the event a refund cannot be handled within standard refund protocols or to process a refund after 90 days, you may be asked to supply additional information and to provide documentation of the original charge.

5. Information disclosed to GBR Clinic & Fertility Centre Pvt. Ltd., for the purposes of processing a customer refund will be protected in accordance with our current Privacy Policy.