Postpartum care - Look after yourself as well as your baby

The gestational period makes a lot of changes both physically and mentally to a Mother. After the long wait for the little joy, you will become occupied with the baby mothering and playing. Hey! Have you forgotten something? It is you! Your body and health is also equally important at this time. We all know after delivery there occurs drastic change in your body and health, which needs attention and care. Many things are going on in your body right after the pregnancy, some physical and mostly it is mood swings and emotional changes.

Usually the postpartum period lasts somewhere between 6 to 8 weeks. You need to utilize this time to prioritise yourself and to rebuild your strength again. Here we are going to discuss many things which can make your transition convenient and stress free.

  • Rest: It is very important for the new couple to learn the baby's clock which will be different from the adults. They need to be fed, changed, and comforted very frequently. Obviously it is an exhausting experience, but you need to somehow take your time out. Rest whenever possible, no thumb rule for this, sleep when your baby sleeps. You can get someone to help you out with this routine. Try avoiding guest engagement in the first few weeks. Do not keep yourself busy with household work as your health is of major priority.
  • Help: Your partner should understand that your body needs a lot of attention. Put him engaged with the baby in rounds so that you get to take care of yourself.
  • Let your body heal: Do not indulge or start your normal routine soon after the delivery. Every pregnancy is unique, please follow your doctor's instructions for the do's and don'ts
  • Nutrition: Try to take a healthier diet during the post partum period. You need to have a very balanced diet and eat whenever you feel hungry in small portions. Since you are lactating a lot of fluids has to be added to your daily routine.
  • Sexual life: It is advisable to wait till you completely heal to have sex. You have to become completely stress free and comfortable to jump back to your sex life.
  • Weighty issues: Weight gain is very much normal and mandatory during pregnancy. Please do not have any guilt of weight gain or be in any hurry to lose weight. This will put you in great pressure and tension. Mostly lactating mothers and the amount of time you spend with your baby itself will take down your calorie count. You can opt for a small walk outside or gentle yoga initially.
  • Physical healing: Post delivery changes like vaginal soreness, tender breasts, incontinence etc are some of the common changes a mother faces. As said earlier, healing takes its time, just relax and allow your body to heal on its own. If the issue persists or is interfering with your routine you can consult your doctor.
  • Birth Control: As discussed in the previous points sex should not be the priority during your postpartum period, but still in case you can very well discuss the birth control options available for you.
  • Get outdoors: Whenever possible take your time and go out for a short stroll or a long walk. Baby blues is the one major issue new parent has to overcome. Going out for a walk can help you get some fresh air, vent your stress.
  • Breast feeding: Breastfeeding your baby is very important to get the first bond with your baby. It is surely an art which needs learning, once learnt it becomes very easy and enjoyable for both mother and baby. Any problems with lactating your baby, please consult your lactation expert, who can help you and teach you the nuances of lactation.